About Martin Reijman

I have a broad range of photographic interests, from the pastoral serenity of landscapes to the charged atmosphere of heavy metal concerts, the great outdoors to internal cerebrations. I love to share my expressions of some of these artistic interests, with a view to expanding into other creative avenues.


I am an experienced music photographer with an eye for "magic moments", depending on instincts and skills to get the perfect shot.


Many musical artistes have used my images as promo material and several rock magazines have published some of my work.​ Some of them are listed in the section below.


 If you'd like to work with me on any projects or would like some help with related issues, I'd certainly be delighted to hear from you. Please use my Contact page to get in touch.

Martin Reijman

Some Musicians and Publications Who Have Used Some of My Work

Arena                                              Jennifer Clark (Horse, Alan Reed's Daughters of Expediency)
Credo                                              Christina Booth                        Curved Air                       
DPRP                                               Echoes and Dust                      Franck Carducci
Galahad                                          Ghost Community                   Haken                                         
Harvest                                           Haze                                           Jump                                         
Kim Seviour                                    Lazuli                                         Lifesigns                                     
Lu Cozma                                        Mystery                                     Pain of Salvation Fan Club Italia           
PROG Magazine                             Progarchy                                 The Prog Aspect
The Reasoning                               Rock Society                             Silhouette           
Spock's Beard                                The Tangent                              Threshold                                   
Touchstone                                    Verbal Delirium
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Martin Reijman | Freelance photographer | Hampshire, UK